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General characteristics: 

(Appearance: yellowish liquid 

solid component (mass%): 43 

PH: 7.5 (apparent 50% aqueous solution) 

Viscosity (MPA. S): 450 (25 60 rpm) 1700 (5 60 rpm) 

Specific gravity: 1.29 (25) 

Ionicity: anion 

Solubility: Solubility Excellent dispersibility in water 

XL-5040 is excellent, small amount of addition can adjust the low viscosity paint, slurry, paint stability is better, paint, slurry viscosity does not change. Because XL-5040 can disperse pigments well, the paint has no float and spots. 

XL-5040 can be applied to the wettability of the coating with a small amount of addition, so it does not need to be combined with other wetting agents, and a good water resistance film can be obtained.

XL-5040 can be used to obtain coatings with less foaming and fast foaming, which can be easily coated without long drying time. 

Usage: Disperse water-borne coatings with all pigments, such as clay, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, etc. 

Use method of water-borne adhesives 

XL-5040 can be easily dissolved in water at any amount, so there is no special requirement when adding it.The recommended addition of XL-5040 is 0.1-1.0% (solid/solid) of pigment quality. Packaging: 20kg/can, 250kg/barrel

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