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CAS NO.: 8042-47-5

Recommended Use: It is added to the paint to make the product ideal defoaming effect.

Physical and chemical properties

Appearanceand Color: Colored opacity liquid

Odour: Odorless

Flammability: Flammable

Density(g/cm³): 0.85

Boiling point(℃): 260

Freezingpoint(℃): -5

Solubility: Insoluble in water

Mineral oil: 80%

packing method storage & safety

25KG/Plastic Drum , 180KG/plastic Drum

Transport: exposure to solarization ,rain ,high temperature should be avoided. Keep far away from fire source and high temperature zone during stopover. Do not remain in populated areas or densely populated places while driving on routes according to the provisions of road transport . humping is strictly prohibited in rail transport.

Safety: this product is not listed in hazardous chemicals. It can be stored and transported as non-hazardous materials.

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