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SN-935 Thickene

SN-935 can be used in exterior wall coatings, but as the product contains anionic structure, we suggest that formulators should pay attention to minimizing the possibility of foaming. We recommend SCT-275 non-ionic polyurethane rheological modifier for higher water resistance. The following benefits can be obtained by using SN-935 alone or in combination with other thickeners: Improving flow and leveling Improving Spatter ResistanceStability of antimicrobial enzymes Reducing the cost of raw materials

physical characteristics

The following are typical data, but should not be considered as specifications:

Appearance: Milky white liquid

Solid content, by weight (%): 30.0

Density (g/ml): 1.058

Brinell Viscosity (Lipper, LVT, 1# Rotor, 60 rpm, 25 C) < 200

PH value: 2.8

Chemical type: anion


- adjust the pH value of the coating with ammonia water to 8-9.

- Dilute the water of ALESHUN SN-935 in a ratio of 1:1.

- Under the condition of low-speed stirring, diluted SINO SN-935 was added slowly, and the pH value of the coating was adjusted by ammonia water to keep it at 8-9 all the time.

- Measure the change of paint viscosity while stirring, stop adding thickener after reaching the prescribed viscosity.

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