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SN-8W Thickener

SN-8W Thickener
SN-8W is a low odor, solvent-free water-borne non-ionic associative rheological modifier (hydrophobic modified polyurethane), providing excellent flow and leveling, uniform film-forming properties, gloss exhibition and high thickening efficiency.This product is designed for non-solvent coatings with low odor and VOC, and can also be used for other coatings.
SN-8W can be used in various formulations of interior and exterior wall coatings, especially as a synergistic thickener. It can be used tog

Characteristics and advantages



Excellent application performance

Good tank opening effect, thickening efficiency and Spatter Resistance

Excellent paint appearance

Excellent flow and leveling, covering power, uniform film forming and gloss Exhibition

Solvent free

It can be used in low odor and VOC coatings.

Improve compatibility

Reduce balance time and return roughness

Supply in low viscosity liquid state

The production process is easy to handle and has good compatibility.

Good biological stability

Antimicrobial and Enzyme Invasion

Physical property

The following are typical data, but should not be considered as specifications:


Turbid liquid

Mass solid content (%)


Specific gravity (kg/liter)


Brinell Viscosity (Lipper)


Chemical type


Packaging: 25KG/204KG

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