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SN-60 Thickener

SN-60 Thickener
SN-60 is a cross linked polymer emulsion thickener containing acidic groups. When water is diluted and neutralized with alkali, the latex particles will expand quickly. Under this condition, the emulsion will become clear and sticky.

SN-60 can effectively improve the low shear (Brookfield) viscosity and make the paint system have higher pseudoplasticity.

The coatings prepared with SN-60 as main thickener have higher yield value and gel structure, and this structure will show after the shear force is disappearing.

Therefore, SN-60 is suitable for the preparation of coatings with moderate three-dimensional pattern effect. Compared with high molecular weight cellulose thickeners, SN-60 can also reduce the spatter of roll coating.Because it does not contain cellulose and has high resistance to microorganisms and enzymes, its viscosity can be stable for a long time.

SN-60 is recommended for use in relief paints or as a synergistic thickener to control sagging. SN-60 can also be used in exterior wall coatings, but since the product contains anionic structure, we suggest that the formulator should pay attention to minimizing the possibility of foaming.

Characteristics and advantages Excellent texture retention Excellent sagging resistance Improving Spatter Resistance Antimicrobial and enzymes

Physical property

The following are typical data, but should not be considered as specifications:

Appearance: Milky white liquid

Mass solid content (%): 27.5-28.5

Specific gravity (kg/liter): 1.05

Brinell Viscosity (Lipper) < 50

PH value 2.1-3.5

Chemical type: anion

Usage method:

1 The pH value of the coating was adjusted by ammonia water to reach 8.0-9.0.

2 Dilute SN-60 water in a ratio of 1:1.

3 At low stirring speed, diluted SN-60 was added slowly.

4 At the same time stirring, while measuring the change of paint viscosity, to achieve the prescribed viscosity, stop adding thickener.


This product does not belong to chemical dangerous goods and shall be carried out in accordance with the transport regulations for non-hazardous chemicals.

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